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Gestion des bassins de fleuves de Bug, Latoritza et Uzh (« Management of the Bug, Latoritza and Uzh River Basins »), UKRAINE

Echéance : 2004-2006


OBJECTIF DES MISSIONS: · Enable a common management approach to be adopted across all parts of each international river basin · Promote autonomous decision-making capacity at the basin level within Ukraine OBJECTIFS SPÉCIFIQUES: · Foster collaboration on integrated management across borders · Promote institutional changes that enable coherent consideration of water management issues within Ukraine · Develop technical procedures that allow Ukraine to meet international quality management objectives · Provide the support tools enabling it to meet the quality management objectives L’objectif final est une gestion intégrée des ressources en eau dans les bassins de Bug, Latoritza et Uzh.


RÉSULTATS: · Transboundary cooperation: - assist in development of equivalent basin management practices in the Tisza and Bug river basins - support of an enlargement or creation of a multilateral Fora in the both basins · Implementation of a river basin organisational structure: - assist in establishing of river basin organisation structure - develop methodology and draft framework for RBM plans - assist in sustainable budgeting for river basin organisation - create mechanisms of user involvement in decision-making to ensure feasibility and effectiveness of basin planning · Integrated water resources monitoring and management: - prepare guidelines for ambient and pollution monitoring - assist in preparing reporting formats & information dissemination - assessment of water quality status (ecological function) - assist in preparation of plan of measures including cost recovery · Procurement, training, workshops, study tours and dissemination FINANCEMENT Commission Européenne Projet EuropeAid/120422/C/SV/UA-1 PARTENAIRES RODECO (D) et WRc (GB)

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